My Birthday Goal

IT’S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY! Woo! I’ll be 24 years old on May 2nd and I can already tell it’s going to be a great year! However, there is one thing that would make it even better, and that is a new laptop.

My old laptop

About six months ago my laptop broke and I’ve been working off my phone ever since. It’s been kind of a huge bummer and slowed me down quite a bit, especially because I need a computer to cam, edit, and upload videos.

Nothing would be a better and more helpful gift than a donation towards a new laptop. It would help me get SO MUCH more work done and help me out tremendously!

To show my immense gratitude, every member that sends a donation of $100 or more will receive a special thank you gift in the mail. This includes a few naughty Polaroids, a handwritten note, and a small souvenir!

If you’d like to help my out for my birthday, the fund can be found here.


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