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Conor and I

As I said in my last entry, we are currently chilling in my hometown waiting for the borders to reopen. We had originally planned to go south and travel internationally, but that plan is on hold for the time being. While we wait, we are taking this time to explore some of the East Coast for the USA! You can follow the behind the scenes of what I’m up to on my OnlyFans. I am still posting content on all the platforms as regularly as possible, and plan on making new content as often as possible while still social isolating.

First we headed over to Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is a spot that has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I got the iconic picture in front of the sign that I was looking for, even though we had to sneak into a shut down mall to find it, so that was super awesome, and I did lots of flirty flashing downtown before we headed to our next destination.

I was absolutely BEAMING behind my mask!

After Scranton, our next big stop was the Atlantic Ocean, so we drove East for a while until we hit Virginia Beach! I dipped my toes in, took a lovely stroll, then headed up to north Virginia to find a more private beach.

Virginia Beach was beautiful and feeling the sand between my toes was incredibly refreshing.

Once we got over the Chesapeake Bay bridge, we headed to the Cape Charles area because we heard that the beaches were a little more low key and less busy, which was great because we were hoping to film at some point. We ended up in Kiptopeke Bay, which had a sweet KOA resort for us to stay at right on the beach. Kiptopeke had some nice hiking trails and the perfect beach, so we ended up staying there multiple days waiting for the right chance to film.

Kiptopeke Bay hiking trails were really nice and I recommend them to anyone who is in the area!

Conor and I chose to film on the third day we were there and the weather and atmosphere couldn’t have been better. We made some steamy hot beach content in our brand new tent, then we stayed on the beach till sunset playing with all the hermit crabs. The content will be available at some point on either my PornHub channel or the Horny Hiking PornHub channel, but if you want to see a peek now, my OnlyFans is the place to get it!

Our camp on the Kiptopeke beach in our brand new tent!

After Kiptopeke it was time to head home, but on the way back to the Midwest we chose to stop in Washington DC to show our support in favor of the protests happening across the country. It was one of the more moving experiences of my life, and I encourage everyone reading this to do what you can to make your voice heard, whether it be signing petitions, donating supplies, making monetary donations, protesting and especially VOTING!! Click here to sign a petition of your choice to make a positive change in your community.

Click the picture to learn more about what’s going on with the protests.

Now that we are back in the Midwest, we are making the best of the time we have here until it’s time to get back to making content and traveling full time. I’ll be posting like normal as much as is possible, so make sure to join my OnlyFans if you wanna see everything I have going on!

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