New Video! Coffee and Hard Sex For Breakfast

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I woke up a little early and slipped out of bed. You were still dreaming pretty soundly and I wanted some attention sooooo, I tip-toed my way downstairs in nothing but my panties and started a pot of coffee. Once it was nice and hot I headed back upstairs and slipped my hand into covers … Good morning it’s going to be a fantastic day! Some people have fantasies about dark alleys and rough hands. Some have fantasies about aliens invading their cities and their bodies. Hell, some people have fantasies about squishy food … All fantasies have their place in people’s imagination. For me something simple like a hot cup of coffee and surprise fucking first thing in the morning is just. so. damn. sexy! So we made something that fits right in with my idea of a perfect morning. 

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New Video!! Awesome Sex in Public Beach Creampie POV

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So far Summer 2019 had started off with lots of sun, fun, and freaky public fucking. We get such a kick out of sneaking around to different places and peeling off our clothes to get our frisky fix. So we headed out to the beach to go swimming. Luckily we packed our trusty tent to not only have some shelter from the insane sun but to also add a whole bunch of privacy in a place where there really isn’t much to be had. After a bunch of splashing and flashing in the water we headed back to our little spot and had a nice long fuck-fest!! I gave him a long and very sloppy bj and then rode his rock hard cock until it exploded all over!! What a mess!! What a dirty sexy slutty amazingly fun mess lol. Hope you guys like the video …. I really like making these films. Thanks for checking it out!!
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I need swimsuits!

I am realizing that I wore the same swimsuit in the last 3 videos I made! Whoops. So, I am trying to stock up real quick with some new swimsuits for filming in. If you would be so inclined to send one off my amazon wishlist, I will send you a bunch of flirty pics wearing it! Plus, you’ll get to see it in a future video, not to mention the fact that I will be so grateful! Check out my amazon wishlist to see the suits I have picked out!

New Video – Watch me use my fingers to cum

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A dirty little secret of mine is that it takes me a little more than the average girl to cum. Often I get so aroused by the idea of you watching me while I pleasure myself. It gets me soo wet and honestly is one of the few ways I’m able to get myself….. “there”. This is exactly what this video is all about. The whole time I’m touching myself and recording the video I am fantasizing about being watched. It made my pussy so so wet. It’s about me knowing that you pay for my videos, it’s about knowing that you lust after the sights and sounds of my body, and it’s about you reaching climax because I am reaching climax…. ugh so hot!! I hope you enjoy watching me 😉

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Busty Yoga and Morning Orgasms – NEW VIDEO!

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Guess what?…… I love yoga!! Oh it is such a fun activity. I get to feel muscles and parts of my body that I normally don’t. It also helps me wake up in the morning with a slow, meditative start to my day. Sometimes I do get a little too warmed up and my body gets all hot and horny. Luckily enough this morning my trusty Hitachi vibrator was close at hand to give my pink pussy it’s own morning routine. I slip off all my clothes and start playing with myself right there in my living room. I get nice and wet and ditch the vibrator for my own fingers. I can fit 4 fingers and almost my whole hand! Mmmmmmm that feels soooo good!! It isn’t long before I get so excited that I start orgasming left and right.. Talk about a GOOD MORNING ☀️

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I made it to Haighlee Dallas in Colorado!

I’m so excited to be here! We have plans to do lots of exploring, smoking, and filming. I’ll be adding lots of behind the scenes clips and photos on my Private Snap while I’m here.

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NEW VIDEO! Hard Public Beach F*cking POV

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It’s getting so hot in the valley that water has become a key part of our hikes. That means we are spending lots of time out at Lake Mead, which is perfectly fine with me! The lake is definitely my favorite place to be during the toasty Vegas summer.

We only had a short hike in front of us, which was good because I couldn’t wait get out of that 105 degree heat to dip in the water and get refreshed. We head toward the island facing away from the other swimmers. On the way there I sneak in a few naughty flashes right in plain sight. As soon as we get there I peel off my tiny shorts and hop in, it’s just too hot to wait!

Feeling much better, I get comfortable and start removing my clothes. We take our time and set up a nice little area to smoke, taking off more and more until I am totally nude out in the open. I am of course very excited by then and it gets even hotter real fast. Starting with a sloppy bl*wjob, I get you hard as a rock. I oil up my t*tties and squeeze them around your c*ck, sliding up and down and up and down.…. the rest is pure ecstasy!!

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