Anal Training at Home with Multiple Toys – NEW VIDEO

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Soo as some of may know, I am working my way up to doing some full anal scenes with Conor. I have had a blast fitting different stuff into my butt to get it used to having things in there (notebly different plugs during our recent horny hiking trips.check out my last couple videos.) This time around I wanted to do something very special for my fans that enjoy my solo toy videos. So I grabbed a few different toys and had all kinds of sexy fun pushing them into my tight little asshole and pulling them right back out! I even cam a couple times off of it! Anyhow here it is… my first solo anal stretching video!! TAA-DAAA hope you like it. I made it just for you!

Milking his cock while wearing a huge plug – NEW VIDEO!

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New Video – Slutty Gurl Loves Getting Fucked in Public

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On a lovely autumn day a busty young camper named Molly was out adventuring with her boyfriend in the woods. They wandered around enjoying the sights and sounds of the changing season looking for a spot to relax. They discovered an area that seemed private enough so they set up a little picnic. After a toke and an impromptu naughty photoshoot Molly got the wise idea to have a little quicky right there in the woods. She whipped out a anal butt plug that she had secretly brought just incase a situation arose just like this one. Molly peeled off his pants and swallowed his big hard cock all the way down her throat. He could hardly keep his load in while she slobbered and slopped his rod. Once she slid those panties off of her huge ass cheeks and eased in that big buttplug into her tight tiny asshole it was off to the races!! She fucked his brains out … milking him within minutes of riding on top. The only thing stopping her was getting caught right as his cock entered her ass. OOPS!

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American Whorror Story – Spooky Creampie POV

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The Lady In Black haunts the hiking trails in Kingman Wash Arizona. She had arrived at the Kingman Station sometime in the late 1850’s and she had never left. The young beauty had become deathly ill during her honeymoon journey and died there. She was buried in an unmarked grave under what is now the Arizona Nevada Line Highway, a few hundred yards from the Hoover Dam. In her black lace gown, she paced the floor of the Kingman Station patiently waiting for the next stage, which would take her on to Las Vegas. Her fiancé had struck it rich in the blackjack tables and had sent for her to join him. It is said that if you camp near the old Kingman Stage Station, you too will feel “The Lady In Black” restlessly clawing at your pants, horny for her Honeymoon night.

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Training with Freakachu – A Halloween Pokémon Parody

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2019 everybody!! Recently I have been embracing the seasons and holidays. Halloween is SO FUN because I get to dress up in costumes right out in the public and everyone assumes that I am just an innocent girl out for a treat. For my first HALLOWEEN 2019 outfit I chose to a do parody of Pokemon with a little “training” video with Freakachu (Pikachu’s slutty younger sister.) Ash summons me from the Pokeball and instructs me to get to training. I don’t hesitate one second before I get a throat full of cock!! Ash gave my big booty a hard workout and came all over and in my tight pokepussy lmao! Freaka Freaka!! Have fun with the video guys and get ready for more costume cosplay fun, I have one more Halloween video coming out this week!

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My first EVER threesome ft. Karter Foxx is now available!

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On the hottest day of the year, Karter Foxx and I headed to the beach for a bikini photoshoot with Conor. We brought a tent along for shade and set it up, then got in the water right away because it was absolutely steaming outside. There were other people hanging at the beach around us, but nobody very close. After we cooled down in the water, we started taking photos and before long, our tops came off and we were playfully rubbing our titties against each other. Our nipples hardening in excitement as we got more and more into it. To get a little more privacy, we made our way to the tent. I was very nervous, because not only have I never had a threesome, I have never been with a girl in any capacity and I was so excited! Thankfully, she took the reins and knew just how to make me feel comfortable and get things started. She held my face and kissed me, then we laid Conor down and started rubbing on his rapidly growing member. I started sucking first and she joined me right away, going faster and faster, getting sloppier and sloppier as we shared, kissed, and slurped on his fat cock …. I digress, the rest you’ll have to see for yourself. 

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Le Petit Film Sexy – NEW VIDEO out now!

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“Draw me like one of your french girls.”

This little porno is soaked with sweet red wine, draped in expensive lingerie, and burning with lust. It’s our version of what a rose does at bloom. Poetic Seduction. Quiet, sweet love.

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