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Road Trip Flashing – Naughty Hike Blowjob POV

Earlier this week I had a hankering to hit the trails while road tripping in the Southwest. I looked around on the map and found Red Rocks was close. So we took a left and headed to the hills. I always have a wonderful time pulling out my toddies and bum to get some sunshine on them. I hiked up this very cute hidden trail between two cliffs and got a little horny to suck some cock. Luckily enough he was there to serve up some cock. I pulled down his pants and took his rod deep down my throat. I licked it and slobbered it and got it so soo hard it was ready to explode! I made him wait until I pulled out my perfect natural tits to get cum all over them. What a fun little road trip!! Hope you enjoy!

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New Video! Cumming Home to Her Blowjob – GFE POV Facial

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I wanted to make a perfect video for coming home after long day of work to a quick blowjob. It’ll help take the weight off of a long day, and make you feel so much better! You worked so hard today. Time to release and relax.

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New Panties on my Manyvids Store!

Dark Pink Thong

Flowered Neon Pink Thong

Sporty Green Panties

Available exclusively on my ManyVids Store, I have a new set of panties to choose from! If you’re looking for anything specific, I am happy to send them any way you like. Clean, dirty, cummy, creampied, or perfumed. They’ll be sent in a sealed plastic bag and mailed inconspicuously in a plain yellow envelope. The option to request a one of a kind photo of me wearing the panties is also available. All of these pairs have been worn many times and are much loved, but are still in great condition.

This delicate pink thong makes my booty look so nice! Lacy and comfortable, this thong is perfect for pretty much whenever.

These are some of the most comfortable panties that I own! I love the way they look and feel, and they’re such a cute pop of color!

This sporty green thong is one of my few favorites to wear to the gym! I get these really musky every time.

In addition to these panties, I also have a few other things available in my store. If you’re looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to ask!

My PornHub just hit 200K views!!

Ok this is a major mile marker for me!! I just reached 200,000 views on my PORNHUB CHANNEL!

As you guys know I have been focussing a lot of my attention on building my Pornhub and Modelhub accounts.

I am very proud and happy to say that yesterday I received my first “featured” video! Basically once you get enough views on your own PH will put something of yours on to their main page in that category. Then BAM the exposure starts rolling in! I know there are models out there that have tens of millions of views and a hundred thousand subscribers but for me it was a big stepping stone and a nod that we are producing something that people enjoy.

Here are three of my favorite videos that you can watch free:

I can’t wait to see what comes next over this month. Paul and I have been making some awesome content and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

tata for now. keeping’ it chill – Molly Pills

My Favorite Panties

Available exclusively on my ManyVids store, these panties are some of my absolute favorites. Choose from my available selection and I’ll happily send them however you like, just let me know – clean, dirty, cummy, or perfumed. The option to request a personalized, signed photo of me wearing them is also available. They will come in a sealed plastic bag and the outer mailing package will be plain and inconspicuous. 

With the musky forest green bows and lace, these have a very romantic look and feel to me. My favorite part about them is the shape of the back and the way it frames by booty cheeks in lace

The deep V shape in the front and the way these panties hug my hips make them an instant favorite for me, especially when I’m feeling seductive and naughty. I always feel super sexy and sultry when I wear them.

Another personal favorite, this sporty looking pink and gray thong sits high on my waist and accentuates my booty. While they look and feel quite delicate, they are actually very well made and strong.

All of these have been loved and worn many times but are still in excellent condition. I hope you love them as much as I did! If you’re not into panties or just you’re looking for something else, I have quite a few other items available in my store that you might enjoy!

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Juicy Squirting in the Tub

Full Video Available Here

There’s no better place to relax and have a nice wet orgasm than the bathtub! My longest, wettest video yet takes place in the tub, featuring a few different angles and positions. I let loose and it felt so good!

I run the bath and the video begins as I seductively massage every inch of my body with a sudsy loofah and slowly rinse. After that it gets better and better as I grab my rainbow texturized glass dildo (the one that is perfect for making my pussy super wet and juicy!) and start pumping it in and out. It feels so good so fast that I have to go slowly to not cum right away! I keep myself teetering on the edge of orgasm for as long as I can, building up to a big, splashy orgasm!

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  • HD
  • Multiple Positions/ Angles
  • Textured Glass Dildo
  • Sexy, Sudsy Bathtime
  • Big Orgasm and Squirting

Distractions at the Gym – Public Blowjob POV

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When I moved into my new apartment complex I was super excited to find out that tenants had 24/7 access to a really nice private gym. I’ve been wanting to up my workout game for quite a while and beef up my booty, so I couldn’t wait to see what they offered. I finished getting settled in my new place around midnight and decided check it out. Because of the late hour on a weekday, I figured that I’d have the gym to myself. But it didn’t quite end up that way. 

I arrived to a brand new and sparkling clean gym, empty just like I thought it would be. After warming up on an exercise bike, I was taking some sexy   Snaps in the mirror when an absolute cutie comes walking in and my night takes an unexpected turn! In this POV video, watch as I quickly forget my workout and go to town teasing and sucking on a nice big cock right at the gym! I went to get a good workout in… but ended up getting distracted before I could do very much. At least I still got my heart rate up!

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  • HD
  • POV Public Blowjob
  • 10+ Minutes 
  • Workout Clothes
  • Finishing with a yummy cumshot

Life is Beautiful Festival 2018

DTLV on festival weekend

Recently I attended my very first music festival, and it was fucking awesome. Life is Beautiful is a three day event and happens in Downtown Las Vegas, spanning a few square city blocks. It had four live stages and featured some of the largest, most intricate art that I’ve ever seen.

Being a Vegas local really has it’s perks, and it was pretty easy even as a group of four to use our negotiating skills to get in on the second night, which also happened to be perfect timing to celebrate Paul Vagina‘s Birthday. It was about 7:00 PM when we got inside so we immediately went to grab waters and popped some molly to get the vibes flowing! Right away it was clear that this was going to be a super trippy night.

After walking around for a while looking at the light shows and giant murals, we settled down by a stage to watch Foster The People and smoke a joint. For a while I thought that I wasn’t going to feel anything from the molly, but then we entered what would be my favorite art installation of the night and I started rolling. Hard. The long hallway of lights was synced up to the sounds that were paying and it created a fantastic vibe that I couldn’t help lingering in.

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We finally reached the end of the dope light alley and found a soft patch of grass to relax on for a while and listened to Florence and The Machine playing nearby. We sat and chilled for a bit then did a final walk-around and decided to head for the exits so that we didn’t get too caught up in the huge crowd of people trying to leave. I’ve never seen so many people walking aimlessly through the streets downtown before, and trying to get a Lyft home was an adventure in and of itself! All things included it was an amazing experience. Life really is beautiful.

Quicky 8 inch Dildo Ride

Full Video Here

Not only is this the very first video that I ever filmed of myself, it is also my best seller! I released this video in 2017, right after the beginning of my webcam career. I remember feeling so shy about posting it, but that fear was overshadowed by the excitement of exploring my newfound love for exhibitionism.

After buying my first dildo, I wait until I’m home alone to try it out. As soon as the coast is clear, I pull it from it’s hiding place and try it out on the living room floor. Excited to be on camera for the first time, my pussy is juicy and I waste no time testing out a few different positions and finding what feels good.

  • HD
  • Dildo Riding
  • Multiple Positions
  • 8 inch White Dildo
  • My First Video

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