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It’s getting so hot in the valley that water has become a key part of our hikes. That means we are spending lots of time out at Lake Mead, which is perfectly fine with me! The lake is definitely my favorite place to be during the toasty Vegas summer.

We only had a short hike in front of us, which was good because I couldn’t wait get out of that 105 degree heat to dip in the water and get refreshed. We head toward the island facing away from the other swimmers. On the way there I sneak in a few naughty flashes right in plain sight. As soon as we get there I peel off my tiny shorts and hop in, it’s just too hot to wait!

Feeling much better, I get comfortable and start removing my clothes. We take our time and set up a nice little area to smoke, taking off more and more until I am totally nude out in the open. I am of course very excited by then and it gets even hotter real fast. Starting with a sloppy bl*wjob, I get you hard as a rock. I oil up my t*tties and squeeze them around your c*ck, sliding up and down and up and down.…. the rest is pure ecstasy!!

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Lake Mead National Recreation area has some of this area’s most beautiful sights and scenery. We went on an adventure to check out some of the less popular areas to see if we could find a new adventure. One of the signs we drove by said Lake Las Vegas Wetlands “Travel at your own risk.” Running around on the edge of danger always gets me oh so excited so we figure it would be a perfect spot to search around. Much to our surprise it is actually a swiftly coursing river running between lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead!! There was a ton of wildlife and lots of green foliage growing along the river shore. You know I like to tease so I took the liberty of flashing my big natural boobies and butt along our hike. It ended up being quite windy, so we hunkered down and found a spot with a decent amount of privacy to set up our little 420 smoking area. After a nice toke I start peeling off the rest of my clothes and whip out that Big Cock to give it some horny attention. Got it rock fucking hard with my lips and throat then turned around to get it from behind. We fucked deep and hard until he came all over my ass and back… GOD I LOVE IT when he shoves it back in and fucks me even harder after he cums. Oh what fun we horny hikers have. So glad we got this sexy video in before the sun went completely down.

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We had an another amazing time hiking through Mount Charleston! It is so nice to have such a radical change of scenery from Las Vegas’ typical rocky desert terrain. This time we stopped to check out what was marked as a picnic area … much to our surprise we stumbled across a beautiful stream running down the mountain. I had a lot of fun being a tree hugger, flashing my sexy parts and prancing through the forest!! I even found a tree that had been burned down by lightning!! Once we got to a comfortable spot I sat you down and whipped out that Big Cock …. I took it deep down my throat and even choked a little bit on it. It was my first time using my titties to pleasure you on film.. I hope I did good! It wasn’t too long before stroking it made it explode all over. I loooooove the way this video came out…. What a fun and super sexy date!! 

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We were out and about on a sunny Lake Mead drive enjoying the views of the mountains and valleys outside of Vegas, when we came across a little sign that said picture taking area. Little did we know that we were about to stumble upon an incredible new hike!! Northshore Summit in Lake Mead is gorgeous!! If you haven’t been it’s certainly worth checking out! We walked along the peak for a while and enjoyed the epic view of the valley below us. It was nice to have enough privacy to walk around with my big butt out and even get a couple good boob flashes in! Then we headed back to the camping area and set up our tent right by the road. I rolled a quick joint to enjoy and relax with during the sunset. While I was getting comfy (getting nude) I realized that the cars zooming by could easily see into our tent!! It got me a little anxious so I put my top back on. That didn’t stop me from giving his cock a nice hard ride until he pulled out and came everywhere!! I hope you like the show. I know Conor and I had an awesome frisky time!

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Molly Pills is an adventurous amateur girl who loves the outdoors. One day she left her friends at the campsite alone to go enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. While wandering around off the beaten path she realized that she had become lost. Running low on water and supplies she begins to worry that she may not find her way back. As the sunlight is beginning to go down she faces the fact that she may have to stay out in the elements all night. Just as hope was dwindling Molly comes across an erected tent with shade, some food, and a big bottle of water. She dozes off while waiting to repay the tent’s owner for the life-saving snacks. When the stranger returns he finds a beautiful young girl resting in his camp! Molly wastes no time inviting him in and shows exactly how grateful she is for his rescue with an amazing hard pounding fuck. Her big ass bounces with delight, riding a fat cock and a nice butt plug in her tight little holes. Things get even more exciting when the stranger busts an accidental creampie into her perfect pink pussy. Molly smiles big when she sees the messy sperm dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy and only replies “So Naughty!” ….

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