Losing my Anal Virginity – NEW VIDEO

Here is a little secret…. I have always been super nervous about butt sex. I guess it stems from being afraid of being in pain and just the simple mystery of what’s going to happen when I put something that big up there. Well, leave it to my dirty mind to have something I am scared of turn into something that I was wildly curious about. Curiosity turned into fantasy and fantasy turned into day-dreaming … I even often put a couple things up there while I masturbate alone. I have been working my way up to a real cock for just about six months now. This is the video on how I finally took fantasy and turned it into an amazing naughty experience.
We went out to go on another adventure and make one of our famous “Horny Hiking” videos. It was midsummer and HOT hot outside (think like 105f) and we had about a two mile hike out to this awesome swimming spot. Once I got there I stripped off my bikini top and jumped off of one of the cliffs into the water. After swimming we found this perfectly secluded spot on the beach and I gave him a nice slow sexy blowjob then I fucked that big cock until it came deep in my pussy. I was feeling extra kinky so I even had him slowly slide his big cock in and out of my tight virgin asshole as fast as I could handle. I CAME SO HARD!!!! I hope you all do too.

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Onlyfans Exclusive Video!

To get the feel for my newest video, I am releasing it exclusively on my OnlyFans page! Quite a few people have been asking when I will film my first non POV porn, and here it is!

Clocking in at over 10 mins long and featuring multiple angles, this video was a fun challenge to make because I have never used a tripod to set up and shoot before.

See it only on ONLYFANS! If you watch it and enjoy, please let me know! I am looking forward to any and all feedback on this video, so I can make another one!

New Video out now! Schoolgirl Creampie Surprise

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Dear Diary, I think I may have done something naughtier than I ever have before. I fucked this guy that saved me when I fell on my longboard today. Yeah, kind of crazy right? Well he was so nice and soo cute! I was skating home after classes and fell pretty hard. My knee was all fucked up and this guy pulled over and asked if I was ok! I was not ok! I was in pain, dammit! So anyway my phone died and I didn’t feel like limping all the way to the house so when he offered me a ride, I took it. You should have seen his fucking face when I starting flashing my bra and playing with my panties! He had the biggest hard on just from looking at me. So I teased him hard all the way home. When he pulled over to drop me off I leaned over and grabbed his boner and asked him if her wanted to cum inside (get it?!)! I took him up to my room and fucked and sucked his brains out. So slutty, so fun. lol.

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I’ve been on PornHub for 1 year!

Happy 1 year anniversary to my Pornhub page creation! So far, I’ve uploaded 51 free videos, 44 premium videos and amassed 833,000 views.

While I didn’t begin to do weekly uploads until about halfway through the year, I am still very proud of how my first year doing independent professional amateur porn has gone. I can’t wait to reach my first million views! Please subscribe and watch a video in honor of my one year anniversary! Happy Fapping!

New Video – Schoolgirl Caught Skipping Gets Fucked Behind Gym

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Skipping class? Sending snap pic of your panties in your public snapchat?! Smoking Reefer on school grounds?!? This little slut got herself into all kinds of fun trouble when the gym teacher caught her breaking ALL the rules out behind the gym. She fancies herself a future star of porn and boy oh boy does she drive a hard case!! Watch as I devour Mr. Pickle’s hard cock and fuck him with my big bubble butt. He sure does give my tight young pussy a nice pounding! Is it bad that I let him cum all over my face and glasses? —

This month PornHub is having a #BackToSchool2019 contest and Mr. Pickle and I had a ton of fun brainstorming our entry! We hope you like it!

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New Video! Cum on my Feet Daddy POV Footjob

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I have been branching out into new avenues as of late and sort of stepping things up a bit. I want the rest of 2019 to be note worthy enough that maybe in like a year or so I will get nominated for some of my work (ya girl would be soooo flattered and probably way to shy to do anything about it!!) Anyhow…. what that means for you all is NEW KINDS of PORNOS lol. For starters this video came from an idea of one of my cherished custom video clients… I went and got a brand new babypink pedicure, lathered up my feet with warm and slippery oil, and did my best to pleasure a big cock with my arches and my toes and my soft soles. It was SO MUCH FUN and honestly way sexier than I expected it to be!! I even got so horny during taping that I made him lay on the ground and fill my pussy while I bounced my ass up and down just to relieve some pressure. Finally I went back to stroking his cock with my feet until he had a massive an intense orgasm! I hope you guys like it!

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New Video! Coffee and Hard Sex For Breakfast

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I woke up a little early and slipped out of bed. You were still dreaming pretty soundly and I wanted some attention sooooo, I tip-toed my way downstairs in nothing but my panties and started a pot of coffee. Once it was nice and hot I headed back upstairs and slipped my hand into covers … Good morning it’s going to be a fantastic day! Some people have fantasies about dark alleys and rough hands. Some have fantasies about aliens invading their cities and their bodies. Hell, some people have fantasies about squishy food … All fantasies have their place in people’s imagination. For me something simple like a hot cup of coffee and surprise fucking first thing in the morning is just. so. damn. sexy! So we made something that fits right in with my idea of a perfect morning. 

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New Video!! Awesome Sex in Public Beach Creampie POV

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So far Summer 2019 had started off with lots of sun, fun, and freaky public fucking. We get such a kick out of sneaking around to different places and peeling off our clothes to get our frisky fix. So we headed out to the beach to go swimming. Luckily we packed our trusty tent to not only have some shelter from the insane sun but to also add a whole bunch of privacy in a place where there really isn’t much to be had. After a bunch of splashing and flashing in the water we headed back to our little spot and had a nice long fuck-fest!! I gave him a long and very sloppy bj and then rode his rock hard cock until it exploded all over!! What a mess!! What a dirty sexy slutty amazingly fun mess lol. Hope you guys like the video …. I really like making these films. Thanks for checking it out!!
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I need swimsuits!

I am realizing that I wore the same swimsuit in the last 3 videos I made! Whoops. So, I am trying to stock up real quick with some new swimsuits for filming in. If you would be so inclined to send one off my amazon wishlist, I will send you a bunch of flirty pics wearing it! Plus, you’ll get to see it in a future video, not to mention the fact that I will be so grateful! Check out my amazon wishlist to see the suits I have picked out!